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​For a number of obvious reasons, your roof is something you need to take seriously. It can, after all, have a long-term impact on your home, including its look and curb appeal. Whatever roofing work you happen to find yourself in need of, whether it’s installation or repair, the importance of your roof demands that you hire the best and most professional team available. However, that doesn’t mean you can simply go over your budget. With us you don’t have to. We are the roofing company New Albany that can provide you both: real high-quality results without the expensive price tag. So you can always give your home the best.

Get it Repaired Before It’s Too Late

  • Roof Leaks Can Lead to Expensive Problems!
  • Prevent Mold & Mildew Growth
  • Avoid Wood Rot & Structural Damage
  • Protect Your Home Furnishings & Electronics
  • Prevent Dangerous Electrical Shorts

It is easy to ignore the first telltale signs of roof damage, but if you turn a blind eye to those spots on your ceiling for too long the problem may get worse in only a matter of months! Save the hassle and cost of extreme roof damage and call New Albany Roof Pros at the very first signs of damage.

You may think those missing shingles, algae, or dark spots on your ceiling are minor, but they might be signs of more serious damage. In fact, if you leave it unfixed for too long, you may need to replace your entire roof! With every second that you ignore the signs of roof damage, you are making the problem even worse. The moment you notice problems with your roof, pick up your phone and call Affordable New Albany Roof Pros for a free consultation.

Find out a specialized Roofer to Fix Your Roof Problems

Call today to get a free roof assessment from your local New Albany IN roofing company. New Albany Roof Pros is made up of a team of trained professionals who handle roof repair and patching and can even build completely new metal or barrel tile roofs. Affordable New Albany Roof Pros is also available for commercial and residential roofing. Whatever your roofing problem, we can handle it!

All you need to do to have a professional roofing contractor at New Albany Roof Pros begin work on your home is to call and arrange a free estimate, receive and accept your bid, and watch as a member of our team begins working quickly and efficiently to protect the roof over your head.

New Albany Roof Pros Is the Best in New Albany Indiana!

At New Albany Roof Pros, you will get a completely free roofing consultation so you know how much money you will be spending before any of the work begins. Once you receive your estimate, a professional roofer from New Albany Roof Pros can start work quickly to fix the damage before you know it.

New Albany Roof Pros offers amazing quality and speed at a price that will fit your budget. Say goodbye to roof damage once and for all by calling New Albany Roof Pros today for your free estimate.

Our Services

​You can stop doing your research now, you aren’t likely to find another roofer that offer the combinations and services that we provide. All of the services we provide offer high-quality results at an affordable rate in the shortest possible time frame. Where else will you find all that? It gets better, though. Our service has everything that you need to take on any roofing job that you might have at home, no matter the type of roof you have or the roofing material in question, this includes our professional roof repair New Albany service, which can repair any damage or problems that your roof might have.


Roof Replacement

If your Commercial and Residential building’s roof is at the end of its life, New Albany Roof Pros Roofing can help with a roof replacement. When you choose us as your commercial roofing contractor, you can trust that the project will be completed on budget, on schedule and under the supervision of Mike Pickel, who brings decades of commercial construction experience to every job. Call New Albany Roof Pros today for a free estimate for roof replacement.


Roof Repairs

We’ll repair your roof right the first time. After all, it is your home’s first line of defense against the elements. It protects your loved ones and property. But sometimes even the toughest roofs can’t stand up to Mother Nature, especially considering what she dishes out here in New Albany. It can be upsetting to experience leaks or other roof issues following a severe storm. If you have a roof leak, call us for a free estimate for roof repair.


We are a New Albany Roof Pros Contractor which means we have met the best standards of quality which allows us to offer the best warranty possible. Our customers can count on our commitment to high-quality service. We’ve been your reliable roofers for more than 10 years. We provide our customers with:

Full Roof Replacement
Roof Repairs

As trustworthy New Albany Roof Pros roofing contractors, we communicate with our customers every step of the way to ensure that our work meets their expectations. That’s why so many of our customers have stuck with us over the years and why so many of them recommend us to their friends and family members.

At New Albany Roof Pros, we provide more than estimates-we provide guarantees. Your roof will cost accurately what we promised before we in progress the job. We stake our reputation as New Albany IN best roofer on that promise!